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We are aiming to be the best marketplace for virtual in-game NFTs. It’s our goal to support all the existing NFT games and we would love to collaborate with you, the developers, so you could have your personal official game pages on our marketplace, and have exclusive sales, discounts, and offers for your fellow gamers!

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Official Game Page

An official game page is a very useful tool for you to have on our platform, you will be able to customize it to fit the aesthetic of your game and your page will be given a verified status, so the users know that it is the official page.


We would love to collaborate with you and come up with exclusive offers and events for users of the GameTrade marketplace, so we can attract new users to our platform and promote your game to our users!

Anonymous statistical data

As we are aiming to be the best marketplace for virtual in-game NFTs, we are going to have a large amount of statistical data on the NFT gaming market, which you will be able to purchase from us.

Examples of statistical data:
  • Number of users by country
  • Which items are sold together
  • Distribution of active users by the time
  • Average user spending by country

You can also request any statistics from us that you need.

Item recommendation

The GameTrade marketplace is going to have an items recommendation system, which will be based on statistics and AI, but it will also be used as an advertisement platform, so new in-game items or any other in-game NFTs of your choice would be shown to our users. To choose the right audience you will have access to marketing tools, like any other marketing platform.

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Interested in selling your game items through our platform, using it as a white label or holding various events for your community with GameTrade? Get in touch with us!
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