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Bionic Owls is an NFT-Enabled, Play to Impact, Play to Earn game, designed to bring inclusivity to the Web3 space. Bionic Owls is to be the first fully accessible play to impact, player vs player, and play-to-earn Metaverse game. Our vision of Bionic Owls is to be the first fully accessible FPS / PVP metaverse game. We will develop a community-centric approach with Web3-infused digital collections with the solid core gameplay. We will reward players regardless of their play style and share experiences in the metaverse along the way. By creating a deep-rooted gameplay experience through a web3 lens, we can extrapolate those intrinsic motivations of social influence, ownership, and accomplishments. We want to deliver new experiences and gameplay opportunities to all players globally. After our initial capital raise, we will release our collection of up to (3600) 3D avatar gameplay-ready characters that will be utilized in the overall game and the metaverse.

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Bionic Owls
Bionic Owls
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Action, Collectible, PVP