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What are GTM NFTs?

GTM NFTs - carefully designed and created by GameTrade for our users to enjoy benefits and exclusive features on our platform. By buying GTM NFT you invest in our development which will help us make a better product for you. Over 300 assets are designed to make the NFTs as unique as possible, while remaining consistent with the theme of gaming. You can influence the development of our project by letting us know what features you want to see on the platform or letting us know what doesn’t work and needs fixing.


Complete tasks

When all tasks are completed, the "Claim NFT" button will be available and you will be able to take the cat to your wallet

Like item on GameTrade marketplace (x1 per friend - max 10)
+ 3
Send messages on the GameTrade Discord
Link Twitter to your profile
Be active!

Be active in the community

Be active in Discord and follow the events from GameTrade

Claim Your NFT and enjoy

Get your GameTrade cat, put it on the avatar on GameTrade market and get additional features on the platform

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cat random
cat random

Utility GT Cats

We are working very hard to make the best product for you! We don’t wanna reveal all our cards in the deck from the very start however as a tease you will be able to get discounts, exclusive customizability, tournament participation and more.